The cornerstone of Born2Golf coaching is focused on treating each student individually.

Whether you're correcting a few flaws in your swing or completely overhauling your entire game, instruction at Born2Golf is the ideal way to realize your goals. Ashley focuses on simplifying the golf swing and relates it to other athletic movements or learning patterns the student has already developed. She helps you improve your game while having fun. From beginners to the most advanced player, Ashley has the experience and tools to make sure your golfing goals are met.

Lesson Rates


On Course Instruction Individual Playing Lessons: 9 Holes 120min $300
On Course Instruction Individual Playing Lessons: 18 Holes 240min $600
Private / Semi-Private Individual 30 Minutes 30min $90
Private / Semi-Private Individual 60 Minutes 60min $150
Private / Semi-Private Individual 60 Minutes: College, Mini Tour, or PGA/LPGA Professio 60min $120


Ashley Lesson 0415 - 7
Private / Semi-Private Individual 30 Minutes : Junior 30min $50
Private / Semi-Private Individual 60 Minutes : Junior 60min $80

Group Rates

Private / Semi-Private Group Lessons 60min Group of 2 $180
Private / Semi-Private Group Lessons 60min Group of 3 $210
Private / Semi-Private Group Lessons 60min Group of 4 $240



“I have had the privilege of knowing Ashley for about two years now. The first time I met her was through group lessons that I took. Although group lessons can be challenging to accommodate everyone’s different game, it wasn’t a problem with Ashley. She gives everyone the same amount of attention and tries to connect to your personal golf game.

I have also had the opportunity to play 18 holes with her over the past year. What I enjoyed most about the round, was that it wasn’t just boring instruction time. She treated me like a friend of hers, not just one of her students. I would highly recommend Ashley to any aspiring golfers that would like to improve their games.”


“I had the privilege of meeting Ashley a little over a year ago and she has left such a great impact on my golf game. I’ve been playing golf for three years and her guidance and lessons helped me take my golf career to the next level. Ashley is very relatable to anyone’s circumstances and she always related golf to other sports I played, which helped me apply the new methods. I found that her personality and teaching style was very easy to learn and take away from; never confusing or overwhelming. Ashley made a permanent fix to my golf game rather than a band-aid fix I have received from other instructors.

Living in Canada, I haven’t spent much time with Ashley, which was why I was so surprised to see such a successful change in my golf game after only a few lessons. I would recommend any style or level of golfer to see Ashley, I have learned so much about myself through her positive spirit and guidance. She is truly a great role model and teacher.”


“Ashley is a terrific golf instructor. I am in my 60s, and while I have been able to get around the course pretty well (8.0 handicap) largely due to some past athleticism and feel around the greens, my ball striking was inconsistent and I was not hitting any of my clubs as far as I should.

In only two sessions with Ashley, she made a grip adjustment that put my hands more in line with their natural positions at impact and simplified my swing in a way that permitted much freer use of my hands through impact. The immediate result was roughly 10 yards per club additional distance, and much tighter dispersion in direction. I was very happy with those results, but now after working from time to time with her drills on my own, and striving to get to the impact position she showed me, I am now hitting my clubs a further 10-15 yards longer, and dispersion has tightened even more. So, as a result of two sessions with Ashley, and a few weeks of occasional use of her drills, I’ve had a net gain of 20-25 yards with each of my irons and even greater gains with my woods and driver.

I strongly recommend Ashley to anyone in the Phoenix area looking to improve his or her game. She knows the sport, she also knows other sports and is able integrate aspects of other athletic moves to help her students understand both where swing flaws come from and how to get the ideal feel. Perhaps more importantly in many ways, especially to younger, aspiring players, she is able to maker he process fun and enjoyable. I can’t thank her enough, and couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.”


“Ever since Ben could walk, he has had a golf club in his hand. He enjoys playing golf with friends and participates in tournaments. Now that he is older, we wanted to help him fine tune his skills. We knew Ashley through the Las Sendas junior program and decided to do private lessons with her. It has been a year and his golf game has improved immensely. He used to struggle with chipping and putting and now they are his strongest assets.

Not only is Ashley certified as a golf teacher, but she is also kind, patient, and teaches the game of golf so a child can understand. Ben’s favorite day of the week is when he can golf with Ashley. She has taught him to love the game and have fun while he is playing. I would highly recommend lessons with her for any age.”


“My 4 1/2 year old son, Beauregard, expressed interest in learning how to play golf, as I and all the other men in the family play, especially his grandpa. We were recommended to get in touch with Ashley Moss, owner of Born2Golf. From our very first lesson, Beau fell in love with Ashley. She has an unbelievable way of explaining things and my son was not only able to start learning the fundamental skills, but also retained those skills she was teaching. Ashley not only has an impressive resume which speaks for her abilities and qualifications, but it’s her love for the game and teaching that really sets her apart. My wife and I are completely satisfied and would highly recommend her to anyone.”