Growing up with a dad who is a professional golfer, and one of the best instructors in the industry, I was literally born to golf. I have experienced all sides the game has to offer. I have traveled the world, seen triumph and disaster, met rock stars, super models and vice-presidents. Because of this, I wanted to pay it forward, and that was how Born2Golf was created. Now I look forward to sharing my insights with the next generation who are born to play the game I love.

Born2Golf doesn't only focus on those juniors who dream of playing professionally. It focuses on helping kids, of all talent levels, find what role golf is going to play in their life. The opportunities that this game can provide are endless, and it is my job to help everyone figure out what they want to get out of it.

Because of my athleticism and experience in several other sports, I have the ability to help juniors transition between all sports. Golf is not the best developer of the physical human body, so I love when my students play every sport they can. The opportunity to not only develop their bodies as athletes, but also improve their hand-eye coordination through other sports is a huge benefit to them. After all, I didn't start playing golf until I was 16. It was both my athletic ability I had developed through mostly soccer and softball, and my dads instruction, that made it easy for me to transition to golf.

I know first-hand the love parents have for their children when they compete. I understand the responsibility this can bring, even when you're very young. Being around this game my whole life, I saw this attention both help and hinder the children around me. As a parent, it is imperative to understand this. Much of the learning I offer is not just for your up-and-coming superstar, it is for the parents who wish so much for them to succeed.

Above all else, golf is a team sport. It may be played by individuals, but no one makes it alone.